Scott Alldridge – Chief Executive Officer

Scott Alldridge has a rich background in building business and provides IP Services with the strategic leadership needed to increase company profitability and strengthen its regional and national presence.

Scott brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology Business arena. He has a proven track record in recruiting highly skilled and talented individuals to his team. He also has experience in providing hands on management in the technical space providing world-class service management solutions.  Scott has implemented several growth strategies that have provided large financial returns for the companies he has managed.

Scott is a founding member and President of the IT Process Institute which is an organization that provides IT Standards Research, Prescriptive Guidance, and Benchmarking.  He is also among a select group that is certified on the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) processes and standards.

Scott Van Den Elzen – Chief Technology Officer

I believe in taking a proven and systematic approach to IT management, then watching that approach facilitate improvements in all the metrics business leaders care about:

• increased availability
• increased Mean Time Between Failure
• reduced Mean Time to Repair
• reduced Total Cost of Ownership
• transforming IT from a utility organization to a strategic one

Research proves these improvements correlate directly to an environment where strong IT controls are central to the organization. For that reason, IP Services developed our TotalControl system. TotalControl is a comprehensive set of processes and controls built on ITIL and VisibleOps methodologies.

I helped develop the TotalControl system for managing complex IT environments. Ask me how TotalControl can improve your organization.


Ryan Riggs – Vice President, Operations

As the leader of IP Services’ world class operations team, Ryan is responsible for all aspects of client service delivery, from desktop support all the way to datacenter operations and everything in between.  

Ryan joined IP Services in 2015 with more than 20 years of experience serving a variety of industries, including service providers, healthcare, and software development.  Ryan’s experience performing both operational and executive leadership roles makes him uniquely qualified to lead our team in providing high availability and performance across a diverse array of technologies.

Ryan has specialized in improving service delivery through embracing effective and efficient use of technology; maximizing flexibility through the adoption of emerging technologies; and leading operations teams to be adaptive and responsive to customer needs.  Ryan’s analytical approach to solutions development ensures the successful use of technology to exceed customer expectations.

Mark Allers – Vice President, Business Development

Roll and responsibility is to drive strategic sales, marketing and business development efforts around IP Services’ managed service offerings.

IP Services proactively manages clients’ critical IT systems and applications in any datacenter using the VisibleOps methodology and the quality control system we created called TotalControl. IP Services’ Cybersecurity Visibility Suite uses scientifically proven best practices to secure businesses and the users they serve by monitoring and protecting the systems and applications that are the heart of modern business (Managed Security Services). IP Services’ target market is best suited for small and medium size hospitals in the US that lack the resources to effectively provide comprehensive security and compliance services.